Vivekananda Kendra Arunjyoti project is serving the people of Aarunachal Pradesh through Panch Manch Vyavastha along with Kendra's Karyapaddhati . It has so far reached 20 towns and 132 villages of 10 Districts of this northeastern State.
The most important factor required to carry on the work is a team of dedicated workers. There are two types of workers (i) Sthanik Karyakartas (local workers) who take some responsibility and devote some time from their personal live for society as per the requirement and (ii) Poornakalin Karyakartas (full time workers) who devote their full time for the society leaving aside their personal life.
Training and moulting of all Karyakartas is very much important and this is done through the specific Karyapaddhati (methodology) in regular Vargas (classes). This is coming together, daily or weekly for specific purpose. There are types of Vargas to accommodate people of all aage groups and give them chance to involve themselves in the task of Man Making – Nation Building.


Vivekananda Kendra celebrates five utsavas every year for inviting , involving and uplifting individuals, or organization and of course the society. It helps to create awareness amongst people about our great culture heritage; the message and solutions of Gita for modern problems; to remind them about the life and message Sawmi Vivekananda and work he wanted us to undertake.

Manch Vyavastha :

A programme for the multi-dimensional development of the Arunachali society – Arunjyoti is a part of the Rural Development Project organised bye the Vivekananda Kendra in Arunachal Pradesh. Through this programme Kendra desires to organize the Arunachali people and awaken thir dormant spirit. Programs are organised by different manchs namely –