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O mother, give to our heart and mind, a Titan's Strength, a Titan's enery ; to our soul and intelligence a God's character and knowledge.
-Sri Aurobindo

The ideal woman in India is the Mother, the Mother first and the Mother last.
Mahila ManchThe mother in india has always been worthy of worship. She is the Be getter of strong children, the First Guru to initiate the child into value-based and traditional education. n wonder that swamiji always believed that if our mothers are strong, aware and dynamic they can easily instill ideals of courage, sacrifice and service in the society. 

Focus :
Capacity-building through Women's Awareness Camps with emphasis on Health, women's empowerment, Self Help groups. Two Vocational Training Centers [Residential] at Seijossa (East Kameng district) and Wakro (Lohit district) for carpet making and weaving.

Impact :