Saturday 11 January 2020

Reaching to the unreached: A True Story

In the month of June 2019, we the Swasthya Seva Team of Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Arunachal Pradesh was on our monthly visit to Wakka circle of Longding district. Suddenly we got to know that one young boy from Wakka village is seriously ill and his father Sri Onggang Gangsa, a Panchayat Samiti Member and well-wisher of Vivekananda Kendra desperately wanted to meet us to get some guidance from us. We went to his house at Wakka village and he told us that his son Sri Gangsom Gangsa is seriously ill and they bought him to Dibrugarh for treatment. They stayed in Dibrugarh for two weeks and did several tests and Doctors told that he is suffering from gastric ulcer and given him medicines. They went back to Wakka but his condition was deteriorating. The villagers also told us that the boy will not survive as he was sinking every day. We went to see the boy. We had seen that his belly is swollen and he become very thin. With a great difficulty, he told us about his discomforts. We checked all his investigation reports and found that along with gastric ulcer, he was suffering from abdominal tuberculosis also. The Doctors from Dibrugarh might had explained this to them but some miscommunication was there. We took photographs of the boy and his investigation reports and next day met the District Tuberculosis Officer of Tirap, Dr.Jayanti Thingnok. She took the case very seriously and told us to bring the boy immediately to District Hospital, Khonsa. She even instructed Dr. P.R. Rakshit of District Hospital, Khonsa to start immediate treatment as soon as the boy reaches Khonsa. We informed accordingly and next day they arrived at Khonsa and he was admitted in the hospital and treatment started for tuberculosis. Fortunately, he started responding to treatments. After six months of intensified treatment, he completely got cured. On 31st December 2019, he was discharged and returned to Wakka. During his whole course of treatment, we were in regular touch with his father. After his discharge, his father informed us and thanked whole heartedly for the efforts we put in.
On 9th January 2020, we again visited the house of Sri Onggang Gangsa and to our surprise; Sri Gangsom Gangsa came out from their hut to welcome us. We were surprised to see him. Is this the same boy, we met six months earlier? He was so happy to see us and it was an emotional moment for all of us.
We thank everyone, who helped the young boy to get back his healthy self. May he be blessed with a happy and healthy life.