Sunday 10 November 2013

Sanskar Varga Prashikshan Shibir In Arunachal Pradesh

Shri Ashok Atale, Nagar Sangathak of Vivekananda Kendra, Itanagar spoke on “HAM BHI BANE VIVEKANANDA“ and “SANSKAR VARGA KEUIN” for confidence building, memory development, concentration with intelligently with the help of Yoga and Pranayama by practicing it as a daily way of life. Shri Thakur Das, Shibir Addhikari took the session on “MAN MAKING AND NATION BUILDING ”.

Resource person from various walks of life spoke on various topic. Shri Lenzing Tagi, Pharmacist of District jail, Itanagar spoke on “Mananeeya Eknathji" “ the founder of Vivekananda Kendra" Shri Phuntso Gombu, Guest Lecturer of NERIST, described the ”VIVEKANANDA KENDRA MOVEMENT”. Shri Gyati Ranaji, Information publicity Secretary of IFCSAP and a writer  has taken a session on “HAMARI SANSKRITI”. Shri Pai Dawe,Yuva Manch Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal Pradesh, also trained the participants in the method of “TEAM BUILDING” which is very essential for a leader with a positive  attitude to serve the people without any personal desire.
Khel – Bhoot galiShri Kalyan Dutta, Nagar Pramukh of Vivekananda Kendra, Itanagar explained the Concept of “NIYAMITATA KA MAHATWA AUR ANUSASHAN" which means importance of rules and regulation in daily life for a successful life.

Shri Rupesh Mathur, Pranta Sangathak of Vivekananda Kendra, Arunachal Pradesh blessed the participant in the Ahuti Satra and gave direction to the youth to lead a positive, constructive and meaningful life with the thought “THEY ALONE LIVE WHO LIVES FOR OTHER, REST ARE MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE" and urged the camp participants to at least practice one or two activities taught in the five  day camp to improve oneself for the development of the Nation.