Thursday 14 November 2013

Vivekananda Kendra Centre of human excellence

An interaction with Mananeeye A.Balakrishnan Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra.Vivekananda Kendra Vice President Mananeeye A.Balakrishnan is in 3 days tour in Arunachal. 8th November from 2pm onwards in Vivekananda Kendra, Itanagar.

Mananeeye Balakrishnan Ji, who will be soon awarded with gold medal on 26th January as it was announced by state Govt, of A.P. on 15th August for her rendered services in pioneering establishment of the Vivekananda Kendra Work in Arunachal Pradesh.

He spoke, from 1974 onwards he have been string attached with the arunachalee, he always loves to come arunachal as some beautiful memories of past is with him and also gaining it whenever he comes to A.P. From 1977 as on 11th September inaugurating of Vivekananada Kendra Vidyalaya Sher, along with other seven in number located in different regions in far was hat, Kendra established Vivekananada Kendra Vidyalaya.

1st entry was in KG so they face many difficulties as students were of 4-5years old and it was residential many parents can’t say “Yes” for enrollment of their children. But as Vivekananda Kendra Team approach them and aware about future hurdles could they face and education as the prevention, 2-3 Years the people saw the system was good enough, the entry of students gain momentum. 7 in number transform into 14 is gradually increased. The report of literary rate of girls are far less than the boy as Govt, source in Arunachal Pradesh since the girls are the backbone of the society nation in general with the different roles as Sisters, Mother, Wife and many more in creating moral values among societies. Vivekananda Kendra established Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya residential only for the girls to overcome the woes.

Now 14 in member now have the strength of 34 VKV in Arunachal. As the results of the Vidyalayas we can see the fruits as many ex-vkvian’s now established them at every hook are corners of respectively departments and accomplish their goals.

As the society constitutes of many frames, so to dissolves with the frames and make them strong on their prospect work. Vivekananda Kendra established Vivekananda Kendra, Project - Arun Jyoti in which 5 ayams or manch were made for different frames as follows.

(1) Anaupcharik Shiksha Manch:- For the Children’s, Running Balwadis.
(2) Yuva Manch:- For the youths.
(3) Sanskritik Manch:- For the well being of culture/tradition.
(4) Swasthya Seva Manch:- Health camps for the needy remote village.
(5) Mahila Manch:- For the woman’s.

Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture (VKIC) Arunachal Chapter was made so that many laureates or learned persons could writes and share ideas by publishing books, seminars about our cultures in order to preserve and maintained it for the future.

Balakrishnan Ji Announces at Yupia A.P. site was seen for the new aayam as Vivekananda Kendra Centre of human excellence will set up which is very commanding for the nurturing of the talents which Arunachal possess in sports and any other co-curricular activities. He appealed that’s we all have to do great works, goods work. Do every works as you are doing god’s work and always say “I am doing gods works so I must give 100% to my work and should be best from my side”

“Never cry my dears”, “never think I can’t do this or that”, “never make friendship with negativity with your minds/thoughts”.

"Ignore them as big or small, negative or fear we all create it on our own minds. All power lies within us, so have a will power and always make friends with positive thought and positive ideal. Be positive and always remain positive"