Wednesday 21 January 2015


As part of Eknathji’s 100th Birth Anniversary celebration, a Traditional Drama and a Traditional Dance competition were held in the premises of VKV  NEEPCO Yazali on 5th January 2015. Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, the true follower of Swami Vivekananda founded VKVs across Arunachal Pradesh to illuminate this remotest part of India with education. Being a serious devotee of Swamiji, Eknathji Ranade had his dream to liven up the cultural roots of different peoples, living in our country and give her a bold and proud identity in the eyes of the world. Traditional Drama and Dance competitions which are being held at different locations in the state, in connection with Eknathji’s Birth Centenary celebration, is the untiring effort by his disciples to make that great man’s dream come true.
Gaonburah Sri Tao Tebiji and Chairperson Smt. Nibia Pomin along with other enthusiastic villagers came forward to help in organizing the competitions. It was a promising sight to see the packed crowd in the school assembly ground to witness the competitions and encourage the competitors. In Drama competition Billo Village bore away the first prize with a cash Rs. 5000.00 Poosa Village and Chullyu Village respectively stood second and third in the competitions winning Rs. 3000.00 and Rs 2000.00 In Dance competition also Billo village stood first and Poosa village stood second. The third position was occupied by Pitapool Colony. The same amount of money was given as prizes as in Drama competition.
The first prize winner Billo Village enacted a purely traditional ritual which is done to ward off evil spirits from the village which are believed to cause diseases to the villagers. Poosa village staged a drama enacting how a girl is taken away by force for marriage. Chuliiyu village showed in their drama how some villagers are ignorant of the importance of education for their children.
Sri Tania Taji, Senior manager, RHEP. NEEPCO Yazali was invited as the chief guest to witness the competitions. The President of Nyishi Society Sri Bengia Tolumji graced the occasion as one of the judges in the competitions.The  two other judges were Sri Chukhu Kochiji, Principal, Secondary School, Pitapool and Sri Dakken Karlo, Senior Accountant, RHEP, NEEPCO, Yazali. The distinguished persons lauded the effort made by VKV NEEPCO Yazali in its endeavour to promote traditional culture.